Currently in Bali, summer - Europe/Russia.

Fashion Shoots for different brands from all over the world.

Most look books were made literally from zero - our team created concept, references for makup&hair, found locations, color, postproduction.



FABRIC Hunted&Collected (France)

Tales of GAIA (New Caledonia)

Jove's Tramp (Russia)

Fool Dost (England)

TIA (India)

Equilibrium (Russia)

Hoppy Poppy (France)

Mama India (India)

FJLN (Sweden)

The White Raven(Australia)

Silence Beyond(UK)



Tanya Iva, Venera Mazurenko, Diana Lee



Alena Kartushina, Rayanne Hertkorn, Karla Pires, Raudha Athif, Ali, Karina, Sofi, Sharanya