Currently in Bali.
I never question what to do, the photographs make themselves with my help. (c)







My name is Olga.

I'm travelling around the world and feeling blessed to have my dream-job - creating beauty for people and capturing magical moments of life!

I'm doing art&fashion photography, psycological portraits and creative personal shoots.

I also do family/lovestory shoots, but only in art style.

I'm inspired by talanted people around me.

 I love, I adore what I do! Pure workaholic:)

With each and every client it's always very private, because my job is to create&photograph your emotions&memories, your creations and message... and for me it's a great responsibility and pleasure!

This is exactly the reason why I'm always smiling - the source of my inspiration is my pleased, satisfied and grateful clients!


Dear friends, clients and just strangers, accidentally visiting my page:)
I'm travelling artist and can't stay in one place for long time... 


If you need me somewhere in the world - just let me know with pm and I'll write it down in my calendar and book tickets!

I'm very happy to travel wherever the creative wind blows:)

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