Currently in Bali, summer - Europe/Russia.

Bohemian Fashion Shoots for different brands from all over the world.


Timjan Design (Sweden)

The White Raven (Australia)

Tales of GAIA (New Caledonia)

Chintamani Alchemistry (Goa-Bali-Barcelona-Moscow)

KAI (Thailand)

Hanamer (Israel)



Tanya Iva

Venera Mazurenko

Diana Lee

Nina Kuprinskaya



Raudha Athif

Mika Ertuganova

Kristina Block

Alisa Belochkina

Yana Yamana

Anna Trish

Andrea Pixie

Maria Lotta

Jenny Unique

Feeling blessed and happy to share my own magical world with all these talents and use my proffesional skills to bring something new into your creations.