Currently in Bali.
I never question what to do, the photographs make themselves with my help. (c)







My name is Olga.

I'm travelling around the world and feeling blessed to have my dream-job - showing world's creations through my lens.

I do art&fashion shoots and jewelry campaigns are my absolutely favourite.

I believe in magic and (as I was told many times) see the world in a very different way than normal people.

​Prefer working with small brands, helping them grow into big empires with help of my pictures and at the same time gaining new knowledge during our work. Co-creation is priceless!


Dear friends, clients and just strangers, accidentally visiting my page:)
I'm travelling artist and can't stay in one place for long time... 

For now I'm based in Bali.

If you need me somewhere in the world - just let me know with pm and I'll write it down in my calendar and book tickets!

I'm very happy to travel wherever the creative wind blows:)

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